The goal of the learning scenario, Eating Out, is to enhance learners’ language experiences by engaging them in a variety of listening, reading, writing and oral interaction activities associated with going out to eat at a restaurant. It is authentic in the sense that learners can follow through with the scenario in their personal lives, should they so desire, and actually extend their opportunities to use English in a real-life context outside the classroom. Furthermore, while the scenario is designed to be undertaken in the classroom through realistic role-plays and simulations, it can also incorporate a more authentic goal, such as planning and preparing for a class outing to a real restaurant. The scenario consists of three learning situations: 1. Preparations for Going Out to a Restaurant 2. Ordering a Meal at a Restaurant 3. Customer Satisfaction


Andragogical Intention SITUATION 1: `Preparations for Going Out to a Restaurant` - To help adult literacy learners identify their restaurant habits and preferences, choose a restaurant in line with their preferences and budget, and make a reservation. SITUATION 2: `Ordering a Meal at a Restaurant` - To help adult literacy learners read a variety of different menus, choose items from a menu in line with their tastes and preferences and order a meal. SITUATION 3: `Customer Satisfaction` - To help adult literacy learners to express a complaint or dissatisfaction, request some form of appropriate compensation, and evaluate a restaurant along selected categories.


This scenario is recommended for learners who are continuing to develop their Engish language skills at the higher levels of literacy.


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