The goal of this learning scenario is to enhance learners’ language experiences by engaging them in a variety of reading, writing, listening and speaking activities intended to raise their awareness of the cultural diversity of Canadian society as this is reflected in their own classroom community. Learners are invited to explore traditional holidays and festivals celebrated by their classmates from around the world and to discover not only the differences but also the common origins and similarities that many of them share. Participating in the various activities of the scenario is an occasion for adults to learn about other cultures, develop pride in their own cultural identity and enhance their sense of belonging to a multicultural society.

The scenario consists of three learning situations:

1. Finding One’s Place in the Canadian Mosaic

2. Discovering Traditional Holidays and Festivals

3. Exploring Traditional Holidays and Festivals

The first learning situation, Finding One’s Place in the Canadian Mosaic, is intended as an introduction to the entire course in that it helps learners to construct a general portrait of the ethnic composition of Canadian society and thereby to better situate themselves within that society. Following this introduction, a variety of learning situations could be developed, centred around different aspects of multiculturalism, such as folklore and literature, art and handicrafts, dance and music, sports, lifestyle (costume, cuisine, traditional customs), etc.


Andragogical Intention

SITUATION 1: "Finding One’s Place in the Canadian Mosaic"

To help adult learners situate themselves with respect to the wider communities of which they are part by raising their awareness of ethnic diversity within these communities.

SITUATION 2: "Discovering Traditional Holidays and Festivals"

To help adult learners acquire a general overview of traditional holidays celebrated by their classmates from different countries around the world through a variety of oral interaction, reading and writing activities.

SITUATION 3: "Exploring Traditional Holidays and Festivals"

To enhance adult learners’ knowledge and appreciation of different cultural traditions through planning, giving and attending oral presentations on traditional holidays.


This scenario is specifically intended for multicultural classrooms in which a substantial number of learners are immigrants or first generation Canadians and aims to increase all learners’ understanding and respect for each other’s values and traditions.


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