In this day and age, people are becoming increasingly informed about issues related to personal health and nutrition, facilitated in large part by access to the Internet and increased media attention to these issues. Being more informed allows people to make rational, principled decisions, to take greater responsibility for their own health and to become more autonomous in their personal lives. Language proficiency plays a key role in this process, since it allows people to comprehend and interpret complex information and advice and to interact with health professionals in an intelligent and knowledgeable fashion. The goal of this learning scenario is to raise adults? awareness of the basic principles of nutrition and healthy eating by engaging them in a variety of reading, writing, listening and oral interaction activities. In the course of the scenario, learners use and develop their language skills in order to be in a better position to identify their nutritional needs, reflect on and analyze their own eating habits in the light of those needs, consider ways to improve their diets, obtain information about the nutritional composition of different foods, plan healthy menus for themselves and their families, and choose, create and evaluate the nutritional components of different food preparations.

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SITUATION 1: EXPLORING ONE’S FITNESS AND NUTRITION HABITS Andragogical Intention To raise adult learners’ awareness of their eating habits and the relationship between their diet and their physical condition by having them respond to a questionnaire, keep a record of their daily food consumption and calculate their ideal weight and Body Mass Index (BMI). SITUATION 2: PLANNING BALANCED MEALS Andragogical Intention To provide adult learners with the opportunity to create balanced, healthy meal plans by following the guidelines and recommendations of Canada’s Food Guide and adapting them to their own dietary needs and preferences. SITUATION 3: GROCERY SHOPPING WITH NUTRITION IN MIND Andragogical Intention To help adult learners make informed choices when grocery shopping by acquiring a better understanding of the role of essential nutrients in the diet and using that knowledge to analyze labels on commercially prepared food products.


This scenario targets learners at the mid point of their pre-secondary language development. It is intended to raise their awareness of the effects of diet on their personal health. it will be also noted that many of the activities engage and develop not only learners’ language resources, but also their mathematical resources.


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