Over the past several decades, people’s lifestyles have become increasingly less active due to a variety of changes in contemporary society. Recent studies have shown, however, that lack of regular physical activity and exercise is as dangerous for a person’s health as smoking! This learning scenario engages learners in a variety of reading, writing, listening and discussion activities intended to raise their awareness of their own level of physical fitness, help them to become more informed about the benefits of physical activity and the risks of inactivity, and motivate them to take the first steps in pursuing a more active lifestyle.


LEARNING SITUATION 1: DEVELOPING AWARENESS To raise adult learners’ awareness of their lifestyle and patterns of physical activity, how they fit in with the rest of the Canadian population, the social causes of inactivity and the common excuses given, by having them respond to a questionnaire, read and interpret statistics, analyze excuses and develop a preliminary personal profile. LEARNING SITUATION 2: BECOMING INFORMED ABOUT PHYSICAL ACTIVITY To help adult learners become more informed about physical activity - the different types, benefits and recommended amount/frequency – by providing them with an opportunity to listen to a lecture delivered by a health professional and read and compare two physical activity guides intended for the general adult population. LEARNING SITUATION 3: PLANNING FOR IMPROVEMENT To provide adult learners with an opportunity to use the knowledge they gained in the previous learning situation in order to assess their level of physical activity, explore ways of getting started and draw up an initial plan for improvement.


The activities in this scenario focus learners’ attention on their own physical condition and level of activity, and the guidelines they explore are specifically geared to adults between the ages of 18 and 64. However, some learners may prefer to work on a case other than their own: perhaps their children or an elderly parent.


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