We live in a consumer society in which advertisements, commercials and infomercials are proliferated by the media and vie for our attention and our wallets. The health industry is no exception. Since health is a basic, universal and critical human need, it is especially important for consumers to be able to make informed decisions about products and treatments that are being promoted by advertisers in the name of health and well being. The activities of the learning situation are thus designed to help learners clarify the distinction between argumentation and persuasion by having them “deconstruct” advertisements. 1. This learning situation is linked thematically to another learning situation in the same course, entitled Health Savvy 1: Common Health Claims: Myths or Facts? 2. While the two learning situations can be carried out independently, learners would benefit more from the present learning situation by undertaking the Common Health Claims situation first.


In this learning situation, learners raise their awareness of the powerful impact of advertising on consumer choices by focusing in particular on the health industry. Learners explore a variety of print, television and radio advertisements for health products and analyze the techniques used by advertisers to promote these products. The learning situation consists of 3 consecutive activities: • The first engages learners’ interest and involvement in the learning situation by raising their awareness of the prevalence of advertisements in their everyday lives and their own attitudes and opinions about the function of advertising and its impact on consumer practices. • In the second, learners read and view a variety of ads and commercials for health products. They examine the distinction between argumentation and persuasion and identify some of the common techniques used by advertisers to persuade the public to buy their products. • In the third activity, learners conduct a more in-depth analysis of an ad of their choice; they then share and compare their analyses with those of other learners who have worked on ads for similar types of products.


The present learning situation aims to raise adult learners’ awareness of the impact of advertising on the decision-making process and to provide them with the tools to assess that impact in an objective and rational manner.


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