This LAB, `Who AM I? Finding the Right Fit,` the first of three in the scenario `Finding Volunteer Work` will help the learner develop the skills needed to search and apply for volunteer work, which involves the same skills and steps needed to find any job. More specifically in this LAB, learners will ascertain their personality traits, identify their skills and experience, and define their interests and goals. In turn, these activities will help prepare them to conduct a job search in line with their personality, skills and goals, write a résumé and cover letter, and participate in an interview.


In each of the activities in the LAB, learners engage in several categories of actions as they explore their personality traits, interests, and career goals and thus develop their proficiency in reading, writing, speaking or listening in an integrated fashion. In the process, they exercise and develop their operational competencies, extend and refine their language knowledge, and develop more positive attitudes. (A Teacher's Guide for this LAB is provided as a separate document.)


This LAB constitutes an excellent preparation for learners who are or will soon be on the job market, since the proposed learning activities are similar to the steps involved in a job search. When they follow through with the LAB and gain some experience as a volunteer, this experience can be added to their résumé when they are applying for a job.


CA1 - Interacting orally to explore employment and educational options
CA3 - Reading informative texts to explore employment and educational options
CA4 - Writing informative and expressive texts to explore employment and educational options
EK1 - Types of discourse (informative and expressive)
EK2 - Discourse cues and features
EK2 - Language functions
EK3 - Speaking, listening, reading, and writing, strategies, techniques and procedures
EK4 - The writing system
EK6 - Sociolinguistic features
EK7 - Grammar and syntax
EK8 - Vocabulary pertaining to employment and educational options
OC1 - Communicates
OC2 - Acts methodically


Travail individuel / Travail d'équipe


S'informer / Communiquer / Soutenir la métacognition


Milieu carcéral / Moins de 20 ans / Immigrantes / Handicapées