This LAB, entitled `Applying for Work,` is Part 2 of the scenario `Finding Volunteer Work`. It takes learners through the job application process once they have identified a specific job (or jobs) that they are interested in. In particular, it focuses on the two important steps in this process: (1) Writing a résumé, which identifies one's work experience, skills and education, (2) Writing a cover letter to accompany the résumé (or alternatively, a “letter of introduction”)


The present LAB moves back and forth between a focus on content (e.g. what personal information to include or leave out in the résumé or cover letter) and a focus on form (specific aspects of language knowledge, such as verb tenses, capitalization, sentence fragments, formal language, etc., that must be observed). The two activities in this LAB are primarily individual, since each learner will be writing a unique résumé and cover letter for a job that he/she chooses. However, there are opportunities for discussion and/or group work scattered throughout the LAB.


The three LABs developed for `Finding Volunteer Work` are intended specifically for learners who are or will soon be on the job market, since the proposed learning activities are similar to the steps involved in a job search.


CA3 - Reading informative texts to explore employment and educational options
CA4 - Writing informative and expressive texts to explore employment and educational options
EK1 - Types of discourse (informative and expressive)
EK2 - Discourse cues and features
EK2 - Language functions
EK3 - Speaking, listening, reading, and writing, strategies, techniques and procedures
EK4 - The writing system
EK6 - Sociolinguistic features
EK7 - Grammar and syntax
EK8 - Vocabulary pertaining to employment and educational options
OC1 - Communicates
OC2 - Acts methodically


Plus de 9 h / Travail individuel / Travail d'équipe


S'informer / Communiquer / Soutenir la métacognition / Créer/produire


Moins de 20 ans / Immigrantes