This Teacher’s Guide accompanies Part 1 of two Learner Activity Booklets (LABs) on Planning a Vacation (Parts 1 and 2). Part 1 is entitled Finding the Best Deal, and takes learners through the initial steps of vacation planning: choosing a type of vacation, researching options on the Internet and consulting a travel agent.


The Teacher’s Guide provides the teacher with details specific to the LAB, such as answer keys to exercises, additional resources that are either required or useful (e.g. Internet sites), and suggestions for alternative ways to conduct the activities and organize the classroom.


The LAB is intended for adult learners who already have some basic literacy and oral skills in English, but are not yet fully functional in the language. The TG is intended to give the teacher the explanations and support needed to carry out the activities contained in the LAB.


CA1 - Interacting orally for enjoyment and personal interests
CA3 - Reading informative, expressive, and aesthetic texts for enjoyment and personal interests
CA4 - Writing informative, expressive and aesthetic texts for enjoyment and personal interests
EK1 - Types of discourse (informative, expressive, aesthetic)
EK2 - Oral and written discourse cues and features
EK3 - Speaking, listening, reading and writing strategies, techniques and procedures
EK4 - The sound system
EK5 - The writing system
EK6 - Language functions
EK7 - Sociolinguistic features
EK8 - Grammar and syntax
EK9 - Vocabulary pertaining to the immediate environment
OC1 - Communicates


Travail individuel / Travail d'équipe


S'informer / Communiquer


Moins de 20 ans / Immigrantes