`Planning a Vacation Part 2` takes up where Part 1 left off. Part 2 deals with the final preparations learners have to make before departing on their vacation. They will create a vacation planner, decide whether to purchase travel insurance, and if so, what kind of travel insurance, secure their home before leaving, and finally learn about packing a carry-on suitcase according to stated airport security regulations.


Learners will watch a video on attractions to visit while in Paris and read informative texts about the attractions to help them plan their visit. They will search for information in a pamphlet to help them decide about travel insurance, create a list of instructions for a house-sitter, and finally research online to decide what items to pack according to airport security regulations.


This LAB is intended for adult learners who already have some basic literacy and oral skills in English, but who are not yet fully functional in the language.


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