Your school has decided to make a vegetable garden and has asked students to help them. They got a 24-meter picket fence for the project. The fence is composed of eight sections of two meters each and eight sections of one meter each. Being a member of this project, your job is to use these sections to make a garden with the largest area possible. What is the optimal form of the vegetable garden? What is its area? Make a plan of the largest garden possible. The shape of the garden does not matter because the school has a large yard. It has to be fully fenced so dogs cannot enter it.


The educational objective is to place the student in a problem situation that looks easy at first, but that is complex. Using resolution skills, the student has to prove that his solution is the best. His best tools are the algebraic models of different shapes. Using these tools will save him a lot of time. This problem situation was created to evaluate the resolution process more than the mathematical concepts.


CA3 - Determining unknown values using algebraic models
EK3 - Perimeter, area and volume


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