You bought a smartphone and you were initially thrilled with your purchase, but you are starting to have some problems with it and you also had a few surprises with your first bill. In this learning situation,created for ANG-4103-1 (Expressing Feelings and Opinions) you will write a letter of complaint to your phone and service provided to inform them about the problems you are having, how you feel about the situation and what you expect to be done.

This Learning Situation is an extension of the Shopping for a Smartphone Learning Situation developed for ANG-4102


The pedagogical intention of this learning situation is to help adults express a grievance concerning the purchase of a smartphone by writing a letter of complaint based on information conveyed in texts.


  • Examine information about a smartphone
  • Examine information shared in a blog
  • Compare the two texts
  • Determine which elements are needed to compose a letter of complaint.


CD - Reinvests understanding
CD - Writes and produces texts
FS - Expressing
FS - Informing
S - Functional knowledge
S - Linguistic knowledge
S - Textual knowledge


3 h et moins / Travail individuel / Travail d'équipe / Expérimentée en classe


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