This LAB contains activities and exercises related to filling out forms and responding to questions asking for personal information. There is a wide variety of situations in which people have to fill out forms (or respond to questions while another person enters the data into a computer for them), and in this LAB, only the most basic questions and information are targeted, those that would be common to most forms.


Personal identification is an important topic to cover at early levels, since it exploits a lot of frequently used vocabulary and simple grammatical structures, all centred on the self, and it also allows for easy transitions between written and oral language.


This LAB is intended for adult learners at an early Literacy level (courses ENG B121-4, ENG B122-4, and ENG B123-4), whose first language is not English. They should already be familiar with the Roman alphabet (at least in their own language), but their ability to communicate in English, both orally and in writing, will be very limited.


Travail individuel / Travail d'équipe


S'informer / Communiquer / Soutenir la métacognition / Créer/produire