This LAB, entitled Filing a Police Report, is Part 2 of Identity Theft. Identity Theft 1 (Forewarned is Forearmed) was designed to raise your awareness of the problem of identity theft and to help you avoid some of the risks you may be taking in your everyday life. The present LAB is designed to prepare you to file a police report in the event that you do become a victim of identity theft despite your best efforts. The LAB is also useful to anyone who has been the victim of a theft of any kind and needs to file a police report, whether or not that person’s identity has been compromised. It is therefore not necessary for you to complete Identity Theft 1 (Forewarned is Forearmed) in order for you to undertake the present LAB.


The goal of the course Informed Choices is to help adult learners develop their language skills in order to explore a variety of current issues in the media, and as a result, to be in a better position to make informed choices in their everyday lives. Identity theft is an issue that is gaining significant attention in the media these days, particularly since developments in technology have allowed thieves to come up with increasingly sophisticated techniques to steal people’s identity. It has been said that almost everyone, at some point in his/her life, will become a victim of identity theft. Furthermore, theft in general is ever-present and is constantly being reported in the media. Since it is crucial for victims of any type of theft to file a police report, this is a particularly relevant and useful topic to cover at this level. The LAB can be introduced at any point in the course: there is no particular reason why it should be near the beginning, the middle, or the end. It is up to the teacher to make this decision.


This LAB is intended for adult learners at the Secondary Cycle One level who are fully functional in English but who need to refine and upgrade their language skills for further academic and/or professional pursuits.


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