In the Pursuit of Happiness Project, students will research an issue that is close to their heart with the goal of helping themselves or others in their Pursuit of Happiness.


The pedagogical intention of this learning situation is to help adults explore issues that affect them and their peers directly. Specifically, the adult will: • Read/listen to informative, expressive and persuasive texts that they find through research related to an issue they have chosen • Through an oral interaction (ANG 5101) and the production of a video or blog (AND 5103), students will 1) relate factual information about the issue, 2) understand and express opinions on the issue and 3) promote and defend solutions to the issue • Through an oral interaction, give suggestions and advice to a friend struggling with the issue (ANG 5102)


This learning situation is designed to accompany Secondary 5 students in all three courses (ANG 5101, ANG 5102 and ANG 5103) The learning situation is intended to be completed in the following order: Introduction Part A (Preparation for Parts B, C, D) Part B (ANG 5101) Part C (ANG 5102) Part D (ANG 5103) Final Reflexion


Plus de 9 h / Travail individuel / Expérimentée en classe


S'informer / Communiquer / Créer/produire