Translation and adaptation of a learning situation created by Myriam Lévesque from CS de Kamouraska - Rivière-du-Loup. Presentation of the situation : Two youth members of their local Optimist club decide to hold a benefit dinner to restore their municipal library. Using their knowledge of linear programming and graph theory, they must first plan the event by setting up a project timetable. They will then have to determine the ticket price that will maximize their profit and the cost of attendee gifts that will minimize expenses, while using their critical judgment.


Having worked with the linear programming concept and graph theory, learners will be able to solve these problem situations using appropriate steps and strategies to make optimization-based decisions.


Presented to learners who are completing their studies, this learning situation will enable them to consolidate their knowledge in order to prepare for an eventual evaluation. It will also permit the teacher to measure learners¡¦ skills development and support their learning progression and help them successfully complete the MTH-5150 course.


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