This situation is based on the adult learner who intends to enrol into the Canadian armed forces (CAF) and must plan his/her workout to pass the forces fitness test. After successfully enrolling into the forces he/she plans to advise other potential recruits by mobilizing their statistical knowledge and skills to make a choice between two fitness indicators Resting Heart Rate (RHR) and Body Mass Index (BMI) which can be used to reliably estimate maximum volume of oxygen(VO2max).


The learning evaluation situation aims to enable the adult student to appreciate the use of statistics in a meaningful and relevant context. The competencies attained in this course can be extrapolated to other situations which deal with bivariate data.

In order to mobilize the knowledge, skills and ability of the adult, the scenario has been made into a complex task. This means the student can solve the problem using multiple register of representation and methodological approach and also develop their cross curricular competencies. Health related concepts such as Body Mass Index (BMI) and Maximal oxygen consumption (VO2) are solicited by the situation. Adult learners can access their prior knowledge of these concepts or are aided by source of information imbedded in the situation.


This situation is best administered as a culminating assessment as learning at the end of the course. Students have the chance to self evaluate themselves using the scaffolding built into the first task before assessing their readiness for the final exams with the semi autonomous and autonomous task.

Using the self evaluation tool, students consolidate their learning and self reflect on their learning throughout the situation.


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