Earth, and every form of life on it, is in great danger! Nobody is yet aware of it, but from the depth of outer space, a great threat is heading our way. Through a 4 episodes role-play story, you will become the main character in an exciting adventure: in the first episode, you will make the discovery of a great threat; the second episode is about transmitting the information you have collected, in the third, you will work on the danger assessment and, finally, in the last episode, you will organize the rescue mission! But we must act quickly, time is running out. So, let's go?


The DBE computer courses are obviously taking over where the CCBE Computer Science program ends. For adults who do not have equivalent knowledge of CCBE, it may be difficult to start these Secondary V courses. This learning situation is therefore a knowledge activating activity or a knowledge upgrading. Depending on the case, he will build and mobilize his knowledge. Thus, to begin, the adult is led to discover the characters and combinations of keys; he tames the keyboard and develops his fingering. Then, he further explores the basic commands and functions of a word processor, a spreadsheet, an infographic application, and acquainted himself with the search for data. All of this overview should, ultimately, allow the adult to successfully consider entering the DBE computer courses.


This LS should precede DBE computer courses. It is entirely digital and has to be done online.


CD - Produire des documents informatisés
FS - L'information
FS - La création
FS - La pensée critique
S - Bureautique
S - Multimédia


Entre 3 h et 9 h / Travail individuel


S'informer / Communiquer / Soutenir la métacognition / Créer/produire