You've spent a lot of time writing an essay for another subject at school and you are rather proud of it. However, the teacher is asking you to add a little pizzazz to your work with a neater layout.

You are not quite sure of the appearance you want to give your text yet, but in order to have more flexibility and to be able to quickly change the look of your document, you decide to use the styles feature from your word processing software.

For this situation, you were given three documents to compare. They all have the same text. You will apply a layout to the text using the styles from another document as a model and then you will create and apply your own choice of styles to your document. The first one has no layout, it's your starting document.


Following this situation, the adult learner should be able to analyse a text document, understand its structure and plan its formatting. He will have become more efficient at editing texts using styles for the characters and paragraphs. He will also understand better the benefits of using styles.


LS that synthesize course learning. Can also serve as a learning support.


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