Using the data regarding the temperatures measured in Montreal in January and in August, the student will develop or mobilize his statistical knowledge in order to witness the temperature's evolution for the last forty years.


In this learning situation, the student will be able to better understand the nature of Quebec's climate changes by analysing the compiled data in the last forty years (1970-2009).

The completion of this activity will get the student to work with a data bank. We will suggest that the student processes the data using a spreadsheet or a software of dynamic geometry. The data bank must be provided with the activity booklet.

The student will see firsthand that climate change can be experienced by long term observations and that data processing is made easier with technology use.


This learning situation can be given to the student at the beginning of the course. The situation problem is quite open and leaves to the student the choice of his approach. It is strongly suggested (but not required) to use technology (Excel or Geogebra) for data processing.


Plus de 9 h / Travail individuel


Soutenir la métacognition / Créer/produire