Health is one of the subjects that preoccupies many of us. In order to be healthy, it's important to have a healthy lifestyle. Exercising and eating well are both critical elements to be in good shape. However, they require us to make choices in our lives.

Since you are considering a career in the health field, you decide to apply in fitness centers, in order to become an assistant trainer during your studies. This title will allow you not only to get back in shape, but to also enhance your knowledge on physical activity and on nutrition. Lucky, you were able to get a job interview after the first application. The trainer that will interview you, asks you to complete a small task beforehand. His objective is to observe your ability to make good choices, as much as on the physical activity level as on the nutritional one, thus taking into consideration certain constraints that the clients may have.

Always ready to meet a challenge, you ask him to give you the information necessary to complete the task that will get you hired. Here's the document that he sent you, containing the client's profile and the required tasks. In order to facilitate your work, he attached documents that will allow you to do your calculations.


Entre 3 h et 9 h / Travail individuel


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