You're thinking of starting up your own small business by transporting passengers between Trudeau airport and a location of their choice in Montreal. However, you hesitate on the vehicle type to provide transportation. What would be most cost-effective? A taxi for private transport, a small minivan to provide a shuttle service for several persons to various locations, a small bus that would stop at several key locations or acquire both vehicle types?


▪ To use linear programming to solve situational problems, adult learners apply different mathematical models and different types of strategies, combining reasoning and creativity to overcome obstacles. They decode relevant information in order to find an optimal solution. They translate the different constraints using a system of inequalities in two variables, and give an algebraic definition of the function to be optimized. They graph the polygon of constraints and the feasible region. They use algebra to determine the coordinates of the vertices, or approximate an answer using a graph.


In order to tackle this situational problem efficiently, first you must learn more about some optimization notions in order to apply them afterwards in the exercises and when resolving preparatory tasks.


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