This Learning Situation is designed to help adult learners build up their writing skills and to develop the language proficiency required to communicate effectively in writing, while sharing ideas in formal or informal contexts.

Students will have the opportunity to use their prior knowledge and their traditional cultural knowledge while producing different types of written messages. They need to pay attention to the formal and informal uses of language and its social functions and features, codes and conventions in writing texts (such as letters, emails, invitations, notes, memos, etc.).

It has two parts: the first part focuses on writing letters, while the second part focuses on creating a digital story about the event. The related activities aim to facilitate learners' understanding of the language functions in communication contexts that reflect real-life situations.

Adult learners can explore more than one solution to an issue and are prompted to make use of a variety of resources. In this way, adult learners can make connections between the classroom tasks and their possible reinvestment in everyday life.


This Learning Situation deals with a real-life situation. It pertains to the class of situations targeted by the course. Adult learners are expected to:

 read a limited range of texts effectively

 reinvest understanding of texts

 practice basic letter formats and letter-writing strategies

 identify general characteristics of formal/informal letters

 identify language functions/ register (complaints, requests, etc.)

 write/ produce a variety of texts for familiar and unfamiliar audiences

 use a language register/style that is appropriate to the topic, purpose and/or target audience


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