In this learning situation, students will have the opportunity to develop a pen pal relationship with a student from another part of Quebec. In doing so, they will share interesting facts, express their feelings and opinions while and suggesting things to do/places to see in their region. Students will have a total of three different types of letters to write. Two options are possible: teachers can join the Pen Pal network to allow an exchange between adult education students from all over Quebec, or option two, they can simulate the Pen Pal Project by having students from different groups in their center create different personas. Either way, students will have to research to learn more about what Quebec and its different regions have to offer.


The targeted competencies are C2 and C3.


It is suggested to give this learning situation at the beginning of the course, to allow students to work in their book at the same time (while they wait for an answer from their pen pal).


CD - Reinvests understanding
CD - Writes and produces texts
FS - Expressing
S - Functional knowledge
S - Linguistic knowledge
S - Textual knowledge


Entre 3 h et 9 h / Travail individuel


S'informer / Communiquer / Créer/produire