The goal of this learning scenario is to enhance learners’ language experiences by engaging them in a variety of reading, writing and oral interaction activities in the process of looking for work as a volunteer, in line with their interests, previous experience and time available. It is authentic in the sense that learners can follow through with the scenario in their personal life, should they so desire, and actually extend their opportunities to use English in a real-life context outside the classroom. The scenario consists of three learning situations: 1: Preparing the Ground 2: Researching Opportunities 3: Applying for a Volunteer Job


In each of the activities, learners engage in several categories of actions and thereby develop their proficiency in reading, writing, speaking or listening in an integrated fashion. In addition, in the process of reading, writing, speaking and listening in a new situation, they exercise and develop their operational competencies, extend and refine their language knowledge, develop more positive attitudes, and make use of a variety of social and material resources.


The description of the Expected Learning in this scenario is intended to facilitate the reader’s comprehension of the scenario and the rationale for the selection and sequencing of the activities. However, when teachers create their own scenarios, they do not need to provide this much detail. In addition, the scenario is not intended to limit the activities to the ones presented, but rather it provides the teacher the freedom to select and/or adapt them: certain options are identified, and of course, the teacher can create other options of his/her own, according to the needs and interests of the adults in the class.


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