In this learning situation, adults keep a daily log Will and a weekly newspaper Chronicle That Will Their lifestyle choices. These actions should `Facilitate Their Understanding of the Positive and Negative Choices They Make That. After a minimum of a month, They Will do a self assessment to determine exchange What can Be made. This learning situation complements Other portions of the program in Which the Students are Creating a `Health & Well-Being` Portfolio. When It Is Complete, not only daily log Their Will Be Placed & log in there, Also The purpose FOLLOWING Items Will Have Been Developed In Other learning situations and Will Be Placed in this portfolio as well: 1) Seven Day Meal Plan & Snack 2) Seven Day Fitness Plan 3) `Month-at-a-Glance` Organizational Plan 4) Monthly Budget


To help determine adult Learners and Their Needs That deal competently with situations related to `involve managing clothes diet, physical fitness, rest & relaxation and stress. It prepared to Adopt a responsible adults, preventative approach to Their Health.


This is a pre-secondary program, howeve, the activities can Be Easily adapted to `any high school level.


CA1 - Determining needs related to diet, physical activity, rest and relaxation
EK1 - Needs related to healthy lifestyle habits
EK2 - Basic elements of a healthy diet
EK6 - Determinants of physical fitness
EK7 - Basic elements associated with sleep
EK8 - Stress management
OC1 - Thinks logically
OC2 - Uses creativity


Plus de 9 h / Travail individuel / Travail d'équipe / Expérimentée en classe


S'informer / Créer/produire


Moins de 20 ans / Immigrantes