The goal of this learning scenario is to enhance learners’ language experiences by engaging them in a variety of reading, writing and oral interaction activities in the process of learning about their rights and responsibilities as tenants. It contributes to the overall goal of the course, which is to help learners use oral and written language to become more informed about their rights and responsibilities in their various social roles as parents, spouses, neighbours, consumers, workers and citizens. The scenario consists of 3 learning situations: 1: Preparing the Ground 2: Developing and Sharing Expertise 3: Taking Action to Resolve a Problem


In each of these activities, learners engage in several categories of actions and thereby develop and enhance their experiences of reading, writing, speaking and listening in an integrated fashion. In addition, in the process of reading, writing, speaking and listening in a new situation, they exercise and develop their operational competencies, extend and refine their language knowledge, develop more positive and constructive attitudes to language learning and to their role as tenants, and make use of a variety of social and material resources


This particular learning scenario is conceived as part of a final integrated task for the course, namely, to produce a handbook on rights and responsibilities, which learners could take home with them or which could be distributed to the other adults in the centre. However, the scenario could also stand on its own, in which case learners could produce a brochure on tenants’ rights and responsibilities, rather than a “chapter” for a larger handbook. Whatever the case, as they move through the different activities of the scenario, learners collect samples of their writing (in the form of notes, lists, summaries, reflections, letters, forms, etc.) to be included in a personal portfolio, and which they can refer to when creating the brochure or handbook.


moins du 1/4 du cours / Travail d'équipe


S'informer / Communiquer / Créer/produire


Moins de 20 ans / Immigrantes / Handicapées