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Together, We Can Make a Difference
ANG-5103-1 - Influencing Others

Auteurs :
  • Janie Lamoureux, teacher

Valideur : Vanessa Boily

Durée : Entre 3 h et 9 h

Description : In this learning situation, students will have to either promote, advocate or defend a cause, association or activity close to their heart. Their "mission" will be to persuade as many people as they can to take action together to make a difference.

Intention pédagogique : How are we influenced? How can we influence others? What type of language gets people to listen and pay attention? The pedagogical intention of this learning situation is to help students understand how they can use English to influence others.

Utilisation recommandée : Please read the teacher's guide before handing out this LS to your students. It is recommended to give this LS at the end of the course as a final project.

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Vivre ensemble et citoyenneté

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Together, We Can Make a Difference
Together, We Can Make a Difference
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