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The Travelling Bug!
ANG-4101-2 - Dare to Compare

Auteurs :
  • Nancy Lachance, enseignante

Valideur : Vanessa Boily

Durée : Entre 3 h et 9 h

Description : The Travelling Bug! Is a learning situation aimed at practicing researching, reading, writing and oral communication skills. These skills are combined with a real situation. When interested in visiting certain destinations one does some research and compares certain key points such as cost of transportation, weather, lodging, food, people and/or culture, political regime, things to do, historical sites, nightlife and the safety of the desired locations.

Intention pédagogique : To facilitate the development of competencies for the program requirements. The categories of actions are engaging and stimulating to the students. It is recommended for learners that are continuing to develop the English language skills.

Utilisation recommandée : This learning situation is suggested to be used after learning how to write adjectives in the comparative and superlative forms.

Domaine général de formation :

Dernière version le 2015/07/13

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