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I Want to Know How to...
ANG-5102-1 - Suggestions and Advice

Auteurs :
  • Janie Lamoureux, enseignante

Valideur : Amilie Hétu

Durée : Entre 3 h et 9 h

Description : The main idea is to tap into how our students learn naturally ... this learning situation is based on our students having to learn something that they want to learn, through the help of "How to" videos.

Intention pédagogique : Students will explore, analyze, evaluate and create resources that will allow them to better understand and use the subject-specific content within the course Suggestions and Advice. C1 and C2 are the targeted competencies.

Utilisation recommandée : This LS was inspired by the "Genius Hour", where students get to learn about something that really interests them. For this reason, it could be interesting to give this LS at the beginning of the course to be completed throughout the course.

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Dernière version le 2016/06/10

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