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Taking a Bite out of the Big Apple
ANG-3103-1 - Communicating Information

Auteurs :
  • Anna Martinez, Enseignante

Durée : Entre 3 h et 9 h

Description : In this learning situation, learners will be guided through different steps to help them write an email informing two friends of the possible activities they could do during their upcoming trip to New York. The learners will suggest an itinerary based on the information gathered throughout the learning situation.

Intention pédagogique : The pedagogical intention of this learning situation (LS) is to get learners to practice competencies C2 and C3 within the setting of preparing a long weekend trip to New York.

Utilisation recommandée : This learning situation is meant for 3103-1, but could also be adapted to 3102-1 and 4101-2.

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Taking a Bite out of the Big Apple
Taking a Bite out of the Big Apple
Taking a Bite out of the Big Apple
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